What We Do

Our grooming is a big part of what we do here at Animal Crackers. Between myself, and my full time groomer, Shannon, we have over 14 years experience each and pride ourselves in working with dogs of all kinds. Behavior is not an issue and we give every dog a try. From teacups to giants we have done them all. We can even do your feline friend, although bathing is not an option. We also keep ourselves busy with nail trimmings for all sorts of pets from reptiles to guinea pigs.

Please note** Grooming prices are based on average size, temperament, and coat condition. Anything above average to extreme will be charged extra.

Please call to make an appointment.

Full Grooming

(includes full hair cut, bath, nails, ear cleaning and/or plucking)

  • Small (under 20lbs) $35
  • Medium (20 - 45lbs) $40
  • Large (46 - 80lbs) $45 - $50
  • Extra Large (over 80lbs) call for price

Full Grooming for Double-Coated Breeds

(includes bath, undercoat thin out, trimming of feathering and paw fur, ears and nails) *Please consult for pricing if a full hair cut is desired

  • Small (under 20lbs) $25
  • Medium (20 - 45lbs) $30 - $40
  • Large (46 - 80lbs) call for price
  • Extra Large (over 80lbs) call for price


(includes bath, nails and ear cleaning)

  • Based on Coat/Temperament $15 and up


(no appointment needed; calling ahead is preferred)

  • All $5